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Gem Lake Backpacking

Crabtree Trailhead to Gem Lake August 1-2, 2020 Emigrant Wilderness Stanislaus National Forest Sierra Nevada mountains California Day One Top of the "warm up" and just past the split in our loop. From here we descend to follow the Pine Valley trail (we met many mules). The atmosphere of the hike really opened up around here, after we crossed the Cherry Creek drainage and started climbing. Looking back along the route. We came from the forested valley in the distance. Gem Lake Meet Beans, the adventure cat! Day Two Gem Lake opposite the evening angles. If you look closely you can see the next ridge in the distance, which gives the whole place a dramatic feel. Granite landscape typical of this part of the Sierra. Above Piute Meadow. Lily Lake, how ever did it get this name?   Pine Valley route (day one) 9.5 mi, 1,676 ft ascent, 772 ft descent Crabtree route (day two) 10.3 mi, 935 ft ascent, 1,962 ft descent Reflections We were super stoked to get into backpacking back around 20

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